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Get your vehicle diagnosed and then running smooth, quiet, economical and emissions friendly again.

In short, yes. you can clean a petrol engine, as you can a diesel engine. 

In the past cars just dumped a lot of this carbon out through the exhaust, but as fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust.

Depending on the vehacle and level of buildup, some power may be lost.

As a vehicle gets older and has more miles on, it gets slowly noisier, more sluggish, uses more fuel and starts to smoke more. That is due to carbon buildup. Leaving this to get worse means increased fuel bills and maintenance costs. Tackle it before it gets bad enough to cause your fuel bills to increase and components to clog up and fail.

Why Choose Us

A dirty engine has to work harder against the dirt. To do this it uses more fuel, vibrates more causing more noise, shaking and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure.

The more it shakes the more it will wear components such as engine mounts, clutches, etc.

What We Offer

A fully insured mobile service suitable for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel or LPG, no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

About Us

Helping people save money every day with their vehicles is what we do – providing advice, guidance, diagnosis and performing cleaning procedures only where safe and appropriate and in a professional manner for individuals, small businesses, corporations and fleet customers.

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– thermostat, engine mounts and Engine Carbon Clean (VW Caddy 2009 – 129,567 miles) MOT now PASSED – thermostat, engine mounts and Engine Carbon Clean

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Save money on vehicle costs

Helping a returning customer today to save money on his vehicle costs. Maximising fuel economy and minimising repair bills are top of the agenda for this small business owner.

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